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27th March 2015
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  • Alison Wolf III
  • Finn Mackay II
  • Mark Rowlands II
Editor's choice
  • The Call of Silence

    We live in a world of perpetual noise. What does this say about both science and religion?
  • Truth and Reality

    The truth is important to all of us. But how can we know which truths really matter?
  • Dunkin' Democracy

    Political parties are coatings on a doughnut; they don't change the underlying policy dough.
  • The Strange Death of Liberal Democracy

    Liberal democracy is a salvational ideology like any religion. What happens now our faith is beginning to crumble?
  • Child's Play

    Should we encourage our children to be creative? Or must fantasy and reality be kept apart?
  • Beauty is Truth?

    Is there always beauty in truth? Or are aesthetics a distraction for scientists?
  • Tweet Truth to Power

    Social media gives a false impression of political agency; Twitter will not save democracy.
  • When the Money Runs Out

    Trust has vanished from economics and politics. What’s next? The asset-stripping of Western nations?
  • What Philosophy Ought to Do

    Philosophers should look beyond the history of philosophy and start asking humanity's most fundamental questions.
  • Fifty Shades of Jane Austen

    How a chance meeting led the Big Issue founder into a discussion of literature, morality and sexual politics.
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