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4th September 2015
  • Editorial 35
  • Peter Watson 35
  • Ray Brassier 35
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Editor's choice
  • Coding the Universe

    Information provides facts about the universe. But what is it and how does it relate to matter?
  • Solitary Confinement

    We’re often told to live in the moment, but could this be a terrible error?
  • After The End of Truth Part 2

    We must find a new philosophy that is neither realist nor relativist.
  • The Tyranny of Evidence

    From climate change to cancer scares, we’re in love with ‘the evidence’. Is it time to end the affair?
  • God's Map

    Our maps of the universe may be riddled with inconsistencies, but we'd be lost without them.
  • Desire, Dreams, and Happiness

    Many think wealth and love bring happiness. But desire can also lead to depression. Should we seek better dreams?
  • Lying to Survive

    We think of ourselves as honest, but most of us lie every day. Is deception necessary for our very survival?
  • The Wealth Delusion

    We all want a better lifestyle, but do our desires exacerbate global inequality? How do we know when enough is enough?
  • The Growth Delusion

    Can continuous economic growth ever be sustainable, or is it merely a delusion?
  • Screw the Fairytale

    Are white weddings and happy families past their sell-by date? An author goes on a quest for meaningful modern love.
  • Does God Exist?

    Can belief ever rid us of the problem of evil? Or must the devil always get the last laugh?
  • Values Beyond Value

    Economics, politics, society: the status quo is not an option, argues the Green Party leader.
  • Beyond The Selfish Gene

    Darwin and Dawkins are no longer enough - we need to reconsider our theories of evolution.
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Most viewed
  • James Ladyman 35
    Coding the Universe
    Information provides facts about the universe. But what is it and how does it relate to matter?
  • Ray Brassier 35
    In Defence of Knowledge
    Is knowledge overrated? Or is its pursuit vital to both philosophy and the future?
  • Alex Callinicos 35
    Rethinking Capitalism
    Is capitalism the only viable economic system? Or is there a radical alternative yet to be disc...
  • Peter Watson 35
    The Age of Nothing
    Is there something missing in our lives? Or is this an illusion fuelled by religion?
  • terror222
    The Death of God and the War On Terror
    How did the death of God give birth to Western capitalism and the religious fundamentalism of I...
  • multiverse 2
    How to Find a Multiverse
    Theoretical physicist from University of North Carolina Laura Mersini-Houghton reveals how the...
  • tablets
    Plato Not Prozac
    Bestselling author and former Canadian table hockey pro Lou Marinoff makes the case for philos...
  • out of darkness
    Out of Darkness
    Is our understanding of black holes fundementally wrong? Presenting ground breaking new researc...
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