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31st March 2015
  • Editorial 29
  • Matthew Parris
  • Pippa Malmgren 2
  • Nicholas Maxwell 2
Editor's choice
  • A New Model of Consciousness

    We think we understand what the world is made of. Yet we still cannot explain thought. Is it time for a radical new mode...
  • 21st Century Heresy Hunting

    Is the persecution of dissent damaging for democracy, freedom and even truth itself?
  • The Death of Sisterhood

    A gulf is emerging between elite women and the rest. Is feminism to blame?
  • The Truth about Evil

    Morality is based on good and evil, but is our understanding of the latter rooted in error?
  • The Party's Over

    Has party-political membership now been replaced by online activism?
  • Ending the Neoliberal Neopatriarchy

    Surely gender relations have evolved since the Ice Age? Perhaps not. What if neoliberalism is unavoidably patriarchal?
  • Radical Animal

    Humans are both natural and unnatural. It's time to reunite our two extremes by reconnecting with the evolutionary funct...
  • The Science of Simplicity

    Why are scientists in pursuit of the simple solution? Why do they even think reality is intelligible at all?
  • A Material World?

    Neither materialism nor dualism can explain our experience of consciousness. Is it time to reconcile the two?
  • Rationality and Drugs

    We like to think we live in an age of reason, so why is our attitude to drugs plagued by irrationality?
  • The Call of Silence

    We live in a world of perpetual noise. What does this say about both science and religion?
  • Truth and Reality

    The truth is important to all of us. But how can we know which truths really matter?
  • Feminism at the Crossroads

    Can feminist idealism change the world, or is now a time to be pragmatic?
  • Dunkin' Democracy

    Political parties are coatings on a doughnut; they don't change the underlying policy dough.
  • The Strange Death of Liberal Democracy

    Liberal democracy is a salvational ideology like any religion. What happens now our faith is beginning to crumble?
  • Child's Play

    Should we encourage our children to be creative? Or must fantasy and reality be kept apart?
  • Beauty is Truth?

    Is there always beauty in truth? Or are aesthetics a distraction for scientists?
  • When the Money Runs Out

    Trust has vanished from economics and politics. What’s next? The asset-stripping of Western nations?
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